Windsor Committee Approves $170k Sculpture for Jackson Park


WINDSOR — A new sculpture could be coming to Windsor's Jackson Park.

The Community Services and Parks Standing Committee has approved a $170,000 sculpture titled "You and Me", which are two seven-foot Windsor chairs, covered in wax fingerprints and cast in bronze.

The sculpture was the idea of the International Relations Committee to honour current Sister City relationships with the city.

"It's a big project and public art does tend to be big projects," says Manager of Cultural Affairs Cathy Masterson.  "They are dealing with materials that are going to endure forever, and that's part of the charm. You go to big cities, you see amazing stone sculptures and things that are bronze that have stood there for hundreds and hundreds of years."

The funding would come from the Arts Endowment Fund, the International Relations Committee and Rotary Roseland.

Masterson says public art is an amazing attraction to cities. 

"It is really meant to reflect community's vibrancy and dynamics within a city so they are meant to be gathering spots, meant to be something that draws people into space, so they are really a nice enhancement to city parks," she says. 

The idea now heads for final approval before Windsor City Council.  The artist will then create sculpture which will take some time.  

No timeline has been set for the unveiling. 

The sculpture will be located in the east side of Jackson Park along Ouellette Ave.