Windsor Council asked to rename Little River's 'Suicide Hill' to 'Hope Hill'


Windsor City Council is being asked to approve a new name for a hill in the city's east-end currently known as "Suicide Hill."

A recommendation goes before city council this coming Monday to rename the hill in Little River Park to "Hope Hill."

This past May, the Windsor-Essex chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association took part in a renaming contest for the hill, as the current name could be offensive to some.

Kim Willis, Director of Communications and Mental Health Promotion for the local CMHA, says there were 800 to 1,000 submissions for the naming contest with Hope Hill coming out as the winning name.

Willis says language matters.

"Hearing something referred to as Suicide Hill can be triggering to anyone who has experienced loss through suicide."

She says if it's approved, they hope to hold a ceremony at the hill.

"Hopefully when it's safe and the weather is cooperative, we can come together and do some kid of celebration to mark this milestone, and celebrate our efforts in terms of suicide awareness in our community."

Willis says they're blown away by the responses from the community.

"There were around 20 people who put forward the name Hope Hill, which we though was such a great name, well suited for a nice outdoor space."

Along with renaming the hill, Council will also be asked to spend $1,500 on a sign.

City Council meets Monday at 11 a.m.