Windsor councillor launches weekly podcast


A Windsor city councillor is launching a weekly podcast to stay connected with area residents.

Ward 4's Mark McKenzie launched "The Windsor Podcast" on Monday and was joined by ward 3 city councillor Renaldo Agostino.

McKenzie says the podcast will look at what's going on at city hall along with news and events happening in Windsor-Essex.

He says he plans to have guests join him on the podcast.

"I'm going to be having some other councillors on, some mayors from around Windsor-Essex and even going to get some MPPs and I'm already in discussions with maybe even getting the premier on the show," he says. 

McKenzie believes the podcast is a great way to keep the public informed.

"I think it's just a good way to have those conversations in a more casual way," says McKenzie.  "It's always pretty conservative I guess or very business like when we're at the council table so this is a way to just kind of sit down, have those conversations in a more casual manner."       

He says since being elected, starting a podcast has always been in the back of is mind.

"I've been wanting to do it for a while and now I'm almost a year in and I figured now's a good time," he says.  "I got my feet wet, I'm pretty comfortable in the position now and I've been able to kind of schedule things a little bit better right and so I figured now's a good time to launch this."      

McKenzie has been a councillor for close to a year now.  He was first elected in October 2022.

Before being elected to council, he spent about 17-years as a radio host.