Windsor Councillor Not Happy with Plan to Buy New Vehicles


Windsor council has approved the purchase of 12 new vehicles for its bylaw enforcement division, but at least one councillor is not happy about it.

Jo-Anne Gignac believes with COVID-19 putting extra financial pressure on the city, now is not the right time to be spending $376,000 on fleet replacement when the current vehicles could be left in service.

"Because we're in a pandemic right now and we aren't sure what the financial implications will be moving forward I definitely did feel that this was something that perhaps administration would hold back on until we have a clearer picture of the finances here in the City of Windsor," she said.

While it may not hurt now, Gignac believes decisions like this could have a big impact on future budgets.

"The issue, I know, is to continue with fleet replacements on a regular basis, “ she added. “But I think we're going to be very challenged in our decision making not only for the 2021 budget, but for 2022."

According to Gignac, the vehicles in question are still in good shape and will likely be used by other city employees.

"These cars may go into a pool that will be used by employees, but seasonal employee,” she says. “So rather than replacing the 12 vehicles right now, it would be something that we could hold off on.”

Councillor Fred Francis also expressed concern about the purchase stating he would have liked to see more information about the vehicles being replaced before making a decision.

Eight of the new vehicles will be purchased this year while the remaining four will be bought in 2021.


— With files from AM800's Kristylee Varley