Windsor Councillor Sleiman Returns to Council Seat


After being away from Windsor City Council due to emergency brain surgery, Ward 5 City Councillor Ed Sleiman returned to his council seat Monday night.

At the end of July, he was at home and became unresponsive so his wife called 9-1-1.

Doctors believe Sleiman suffered internal bleeding in and around his brain when he bumped his head on a desk.

He's currently on blood thinners to help with his recovery.

Sleiman says he feels better when he is up and working.

"I think I feel good by coming back. I don't want to sit idle doing nothing at home, it doesn't help me any. I would say I am not 100% out of the woods, I just want everyone to know," he says.

Monday night was his first full Windsor City Council meeting and Sleiman says he feels good coming back.

"I was talking to the mayor and my fellow councillors, they said to me can you stay for the whole lengths of the council meeting? 'I said of course I can' and today a couple of times, I was kinda hesitate that maybe I should leave early," said Sleiman.

Sleiman was in the hospital for over a week following the brain surgery on July 30th.

He attended a standing committee last week.

"Honestly I feel a lot better when I am at the council meeting, you feel at least your brain is working, you physically, mentally," says Sleiman.


With files from Zander Broeckel