Windsor Engineer Sees $400-million Infrastructure Deficit


Windsor's City Engineer agrees their infrastructure deficit is significant and not getting better at the current rate of expenditure.

Mark Winterton told AM800's listeners on the Lynn Martin Show that Windsor is in a similar position as many other municipalities.

Speaking after Association of Municipalities of Ontario proposed a 1% increase in the HST to make up the deficit, he says the money has to come from somewhere.

Winterton says one challenge is that funding from senior levels of government has fallen behind what it traditionally has been.

"20% of our roads or one in 5 of our roads are past their useful life, they're now considered deficient and in need of a complete reconstruction" says Winterton " We also have another about 18% of roads that are in failing condition that need a mill and pave treatment"

He says the cost to rebuild all the infrastructure to good condition is falling behind what the city is spending.

Winterton sees more than $400-million worth of work and on any given year and in the road rehabilitation budget there's $8-10-million and another $8-10-million for sewer work where there's road reconstruction.

He says the infrastructure includes all of the roads, sewers sidewalks, bridges, facilities and parks that require upgrading. 

Winterton says in the past the provincial and federal governments would cover around 2-thirds of the cost of infrastructure and that's no longer the case.