Windsor-Essex can expect above seasonal temperatures this week


Summer time weather is expected for the first few days of October.

Environment Canada meteorologist Ray Houle says the region will see above normal temperatures.

"Temperatures vary much above seasonal and probably feeling more like summer weather for the next few days with highs reaching probably as high as 27, 28 degrees if you're lucky," says Houle.  "So just a beautiful stretch of weather the next few days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday."  

He says the above seasonal temperatures will not be record breaking.

"The records for the next few days are kind of in the low 30s so I don't think the temperatures will be getting up to record breaking temperatures but they'll definitely be kind of encroaching on those numbers for sure," he says.    

Houle says the beautiful weather is expected to last the next few days.

"Seasonal temperatures around this time of year are about 18 or 19 degrees," says Houle.  "So seeing temperature up around 27 or so, that's almost like 10 degrees above seasonal but every now and again we do get some weather patterns like this where you will see a bit of a warm up in the fall and then you'll see maybe a quick snap back to maybe some below seasonal temperatures or maybe more like fall temperatures."         

Houle says the temperature is expected to dip Thursday night.

The daytime high for Thanksgiving weekend is expected to range between 14 and 19 degrees Celsius.