Windsor Essex EcDev Launches Solutions Sharing Website


A new sharing website tool is being launched by the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation.

Called Connect-Innovate-Develop, the site is aimed at sharing barriers and solutions among companies.

The site is found at

EcDev CEO Stephen MacKenzie says this is a first in the economic development field and has been adapted from one being used in the pharmaceutical sector.

He says the goal is to share solutions among companies:"a company that's dealing with a challenge or doing R-and-D and trying to advance their technology might run into a problem or might not have the expertise in house instead of having to hire that or do expensive studies they post their need and chances are there'll be a company working in that field that might already have the solution"

MacKenzie says once the 2 firms connect, there are a variety of options including forming a joint venture, doing licensing, a fee for service or consulting.

He says the corporation will monitor and control activity on the site so they can track its effectiveness.

The launch was part of a trade show and conference on Emerging Technologies in Automation.