Windsor-Essex Expected to Get up to 10 Centimetres of Snow


There is some snow on the way for Windsor-Essex.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Peter Kimbell says the region will see between five an 10 centimetres.

He says the snow will begin to fall just after 6pm.

"Officially we're saying five to 10, I think probably closer to five is more realistic but it could get as much as 10 and then we have periods of late snow in the forecast but freezing drizzle is also a definite possibility as the cloud tops might be a bit low," says Kimbell.

He says the region can expected cooler temperatures after the snow falls.

"Behind the system we have slightly cooler temperatures, not terribly cold, low of minus 5 to minus 6 Friday night, Saturday night which is pretty close to normal," says Kimbell.

He says driving conditions will be impacted on Thursday, adding "It's going to be treacherous driving tomorrow morning because the precipitation in the form of snow is going to begin later today so more likely the early evening hours," says Kimbell.

Kimbell says there is also a chance for some freezing drizzle on Thursday.


— with files from AM800's Patty Handysides