Windsor-Essex Launches Miracle Food Drive


Community leaders in Windsor-Essex want to make June 27 a miracle day.

It has launched the Miracle Food Drive which encourages every resident who can, to put a non-perishable food item on your front step on June 27.

An army of volunteers will go around and collect the items which will then be donated to area food banks.

Chatham-Kent organized a similar event which had a huge response.

Member of the organizing committee Joshua Lane says the need is great.

"Talking to a lot of local organizations, food banks, use of those food banks has doubled. They are finding people that are in need who have never used these facilities before. Seeing what happened in Chatham and the success there, we wanted to bring it to Windsor-Essex," he says.

Member of the organizing committee Joshua Lane says within 48 hours, more than 1,000 people volunteered to help.

"It is a pretty large geographical area and there is obviously a great population density in some areas too, we are going to need as many bodies as possible," he says.

Lane says despite the good response from residents looking to volunteers, they need more volunteers.

CLICK HERE to find more information on the food drive and how to volunteer.