Windsor-Essex Likely to See Some Snow in April


From the warmth of near-summer temperatures, plunging back to below freezing winter temps.

Rollercoaster weather means it's spring in Windsor-Essex.

This from Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips who says it's like a "weather war" as summer is around the corner, but winter doesn't want to leave.

Phillips told AM800's The Afternoon News that we could see some snow in April.

"We could be seeing snow and wind chills that would be minus 12. You're wearing out your body changing clothes going from short sleeves to snow pants and balaclavas. It is just the wild weather that it is," he says.

While the wild weather can be frustrating, Phillips says it's nothing out of the ordinary.

"This is really weather behaving like it should, but it is really just back and forth and testing us out. I was say until April is dead, change not a thread. Don't take out the lawn furniture or take that cover off the swimming pool," he says.

Phillips also notes that an April without some trace of snow is rare in Windsor-Essex.

"When you look at the last 70-years, I don't want to scare you, but there's only been five Aprils without some kind of snow, it might just be a trace of snow," he says. "Let me remind you of last Mother's Day in May, my gosh, you had 3.2 cm of snow."

Phillips, a former Windsor native himself, says the region averages 6cm of snow each April while the most that's ever fallen is 32 cm.


With files from Patty Handysides