Windsor facilities to require vaccination proof from everyone over 12

Photo of the WFCU Centre

The City of Windsor will require anyone over the age of 12 to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to enter any indoor city recreational venue or facility with indoor event spaces.

City Council has approved the new measure which will take effect Sept. 22, the same day Ontario begins requesting proof of vaccination to gain access to any non-essential indoor spaces such as bars, restaurants and move theatres.

While the province will only require those 12 and older to show proof of vaccination if they are attending an indoor space as a spectator, Council approved an administrative recommendation that all individuals 12 and older be fully vaccinated regardless of their purpose for attending.

Jennifer Knights, the city's acting executive director of Recreation and Culture, says proper identification will also been needed along with proof of vaccination.

"Our staff will compared those two things, make sure the information matches and meets the requirements set out by the province," she says. "Once the screening is verified, proof of ID and vaccination are verified, we will invite people into our facilities."

Knights says they have a lot of different programs running in their facilities with modified numbers.

"In looking at that and trying to make things simpler, as well as support vaccination in the area, we decided that making sure everyone 12 and up be fully vaccinated was the way we were looking to go," she adds.

The recommendation applies only to City-owned indoor recreational venues or facilities that have event spaces, such as banquet halls and conference/convention centres.

The list includes the Capri Pizzeria Recreation Complex, Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre, Willistead Manor, Capitol Theatre, Mackenzie Hall and WFCU Centre.

Proof of vaccination is not required for outdoor venues or facilities.