Windsor Family says a PRIDE Flag has made their Home a Target for Vandals


Aaron Bergeron says a PRIDE flag has made his home and vehicles parked in front of it the target of vandals for nearly three months now.

"My kids are now living in fear because they're afraid that someone is going to come and do something drastic to our home ... I just want it to stop," says Bergeron, who has two sons with his husband Ken Grundy.

Bergeron says the flag mounted to their home at 1145 Tuscarora St. has made his family and his neighbours the victims of hate crimes.

He says it's obvious his property is being targeted as vandals have singled out his home and whatever car is parked in front of it.

"Our tires were slashed. We've had things broken off of our home. We had a camera ripped off of our house. We had the mirror from our neighbour's car that got vandalized thrown at the big bay window in front of our home," he says.

He says the tires on his neighbours car had recently been slashed while parked in front of his house and vandals returned to finish the job overnight Thursday.

The most recent incident made the motivation clear, according to Bergeron.

"They smashed the driver's side window and it looks like they used a screwdriver to mess around with the lock," he says. "They carved homophobic slurs into the hood of their car ... it's just terrible."

Bergeron hasn't had any issues with his neighbours, so it's hard to watch their property get damaged.

"Unfortunately it's our neighbours who don't have driveways or don't have garages that are forced to park on the street," he says. "Whenever one of them happens to park in front of our home, their car gets destroyed in some way."
Bergeron says Windsor Police Service is investigating the incidents, but with little evidence to go on, they've ramped up patrols in the area.

He says a suspect was captured on surveillance cameras using the alley way to enter the 1100 block of Tuscarora Street between Marion Avenue and Pierre Street near the time of several of the incidents.

Bergeron posted a video to Facebook that shows two people approaching his home from the alley before one person goes out of frame to remove the camera. The suspects can be seen in the final minute of the video.

Anyone with information or surveillance footage in the area is being asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers anonymously.