Windsor Fire Asks Residents to Practice Escape Plan


The 2019 Fire Prevention Week is getting back to the basics.

With an unusually high number of fatal fires this year in Windsor, Fire Chief Stephen LaForet is encouraging people to create an escape plan and practice it.

According to Fire Prevention Canada, 78% of deaths from a fire occur in a home and the majority occur between 2am and 4am, while people are sleeping.

Windsor Fire and Rescue Services kicked off Fire Prevention Week at the Ford City Parkette Monday morning.

"We know that if you plan and practice an escape plan, it may save your life and the lives of your family," says Windsor Fire Chief Stephen Laforet.

He adds it's important for people when they get out of a burning home, to stay out.

"The only acceptable number of fire fatalities in our community is zero," he says.  "Unfortunately to date this year in Windsor, we have experience three fire fatalities. All of these fatalities occurred in homes and all were the result of careless smoking."


Windsor CAO Onorio Colucci says this week is about reminding people about ways to save a life.

"I challenge everyone to share today's information with at least one other person. The only thing we want to spread like wildfire is how to stay informed and safe," says Colucci.

Chief LaForet says the escape plan should also include a meeting place outside.

The theme for this year is 'Not every hero wears a cape. Plan and practice your escape."

Three people have died in three separate fires in Windsor this year on Copperfield in August , on Temple Drive in September and on Moy Ave. in June.