Windsor Improves Climate Change Rating


A new report has ranked Windsor in the top 40 cities in North America that are doing their part to adapt to climate change.

The Global Covenant of Mayors is an international network of over 800 international city that discloses what each city is doing to address climate issues.

In 2018, Windsor ranked an A- for its adaptation initiatives, but this year it is ranked an A.

In comparison, the North American and global average is a C.

Windsor's Supervisor of Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change, Karina Richters is pleased with the report because it proves the city is on the right path.

She believes the city's decision to redo its climate change adaptation plan this year as well as updating its greenhouse gas emissions inventory helped to improve its score.

Richters admits Mother Nature prompted some of the city's actions but the city is doing what it can to address it.

"Unfortunately some of our past events, our flooding events and stuff have kinda driven that message forward as to how we are getting to adapt so unfortunately I think that's the downside of why we are really starting to act," she says.

The report also looked at how the city has responded to flooding events in 2016 and 2017 by implementing the sewer master plan and east Windsor flood study. In 2016, 4,000 homes were affected by flooding and in 2017, 6,600 homes were impacted.

Richters says the report is a great comparison of the cities.

"It really helps to put us in context of how are we doing with other municipalities, the other thing the report card does is tell us our next steps so that's what we are going to be looking at next year and say where do we need to go" she says.

The report concluded the city has 'demonstrated best practice standards across adaptation and mitigation and has set ambitious but realistic goals and made progress towards achieving those goals.'