Windsor International Film Festival returns this fall


The Windsor International Film Festival have announced their return to the city after a three year pause. 

The festival will be even bigger than previous years, by expanding to 11 days from October 27 until November 6, 2022.

Film appearances from Netflix and from the Cannes Film Festival will also be a part of the return.

Vincent Georgie, Executive Director and Chief Programmer of WIFF, says he's thrilled to see how excited the community is. 

"It's the biggest festival we've actually ever done, and it's been really really clear in our industry and different film festivals in other communities that we're seeing audiences coming back really in full force," he stated.

Georgie says he's excited to announced a new sponsorship with The Toldo Foundation for the festival this year.

"They've been major, major, major supporters of WIFF, and now they've taken over the helm as our title sponsor, and helping us bring this major festival back," he continued. "And we're just so grateful to them, they do so much good in Windsor-Essex that it can't be underestimated."

He also explained what the festival is most proud of.

"It's going to be great to be back, and I think what we can all be proud of with WIFF ultimately, WIFF was built here locally, it was built by your friends and neighbours, it was built on people's kitchen tables. It's something that was built in Windsor-Essex, and we can be proud of that here because it was home-grown."

With over 300 community volunteers, the Windsor International Film Festival is the largest volunteer run film festival in the country.