Windsor Islamic Association Debate to Hold Candidates Accountable


Just one Conservative and two Green Candidates from across Windsor-Essex missed The Windsor Islamic Associations All-Candidates Debate over the weekend.

Close to 100 people packed the Windsor Mosque Gymnasium at 1320 Northwood Dr. in South Windsor Saturday.

Candidates fielded the usual questions on the economy, education, social services and immigration, but questions over racist graffiti, equality, and acceptance of religious culture drew the attention of Association Spokesperson Lina Chaker.

Chaker asked tough questions on racists and islamophobia graffiti spouting hate popping up in the region.

"They were unanimous in saying that it's wrong to happen and I think that some voices were stronger than others in saying that they were going to take stronger stance against them," she says. 

She says it's promising candidates are making assurances they don't want to see Quebec's Bill 21 make it to the federal level.

The Bill bans civil servants and many others from wearing items like hijabs, turbans, kippas, and crucifixes in the course of their duties.

"The merit of the questions that are being posed to them, as well as in both respects, not only for cultural hate, but religious and islamophobia acts," added Chaker, "Everybody should be proud of that."

Chaker says the debate isn't meant to search for a party to endorse, but to set a baseline for those candidates should they get elected.

"Be able to hold everybody accountable for what they said today for the next few years," she says. "That's my goal."

Only Conservative Candidate Chris Lewis and Green Candidates Jennifer Alderson and Quinn Hunt missed Saturday's debate.