Windsor Lancers men's hockey team to take on humanitarian project


The Windsor Lancers men's hockey team will start off their 2022-2023 season with a humanitarian project. 

As part of their training camp, the Lancers will travel to Merritt, British Columbia this August to help First Nations communities affected by the 2021 wildfires and floods. 

Lancer head coach Kevin Hamlin says they will be building homes for five families and he's excited for his team to lend a helping hand.

"Well we're always looking for opportunities for our student athletes to learn and grow at the rink and away from the rink, and this just seemed to be a great fit given all the craziness that's happened and come to light out west," he says.

Hamlin says these tiny homes are erected for emergency purposes and should take about 5 days to fully finish. 

"We're really excited that we can begin a project and see it to it's completion," he adds.

Lancer captain Mason Kohn says he's excited to be a part of the initiative and believes the experience will bring the team closer together.

"When you work hard off the ice you see results on the ice, and when you do good deeds in the community you feel good about yourself and you feel good that you helped other people, and if we do it as a team together and build that camaraderie it's just going to help us down the stretch," he says.

The Lancers will also host a hockey academy and play two exhibition games during the visit.

Unifor National in partnership with Unifor Local 444 have donated $50,000 to the men's hockey team for the humanitarian project.