Windsor Launches Fundraiser for Streetcar Shelter


The City of Windsor is kicking off community fundraising efforts to preserve a historic streetcar currently being restored.

The 100-year-old streetcar 351 is being returned to its original glory when it ran on city streets.

Restoration efforts are about 70% complete at a cost of up to $750,000.

The trolley will be placed at Windsor's waterfront near Assumption Park under a shelter.

Windsor Communications Officers Nora Bertram-Romero says the city has officially launched a website, selling $30 t-shirts and sponsorships to try and raise $100,000 for the shelter.

"We are going to need a shelter because we want to protect the streetcar from the elements, whether it be the weather or the birds that spend a lot of time at the riverfront as well. So such effort has gone into preserving and restoring it, and we want to protect it for another 100 years."

She says the t-shirts are a great way to help support the preservation of the city's history.

"They are keepsakes that on the front says Streetcar 351 and on the back, lists all of the stops that the streetcar made back in the day 100 years ago."

Bertram-Romero says fundraising efforts are kicking into high gear.

"We started a soft launch on November 14th where we introduced the concept and the mayor explained and used the video to showcase what and how we are preserving the streetcar, so right now we have raised $20,000 which is a great start."

Windsor was the first city in Canada to have an electric streetcar.

The restoration efforts should be completed in the fall, but it's still not clear when the streetcar will be placed on the waterfront.

The website to donate is