Windsor Launches Sewer Master Plan Website, Public Input Sought


Windsor has taken another step in its Sewer Master Plan.

It has launched a website at and is encouraging residents to participate.

The plan was launched late last year as part of the Mayor's 8-point plan to fast track the city's response to prevent future flooding following the storms in 2016 and 2017.

Even with the fast track, the plan will take a couple of years but Windsor Engineer Mark Winterton says the city will still be able to implement the 'low hanging fruit' in the process.

The website provides updates on the plan, information about preventing flooding and dates and locations for public information sessions.

Winterton says it is a one-stop shop for local flooding issues."Just information about ideas people might have, or obviously we are always interested in hearing how they flooded."

"This also adds to previous efforts already taken," says Winterton. "We have reached out previously with some surveys and things and this is going to add additional layers of information that we will use to come to the conclusions of the report."

The plan will ultimately confirm areas that a vulnerable to flooding, identify the reasons for flooding and come up with short term and long term solutions.

Winterton says this isn't just a plan on paper. "There is physical in the field work that needs to get done, it is not just a theoretical study so you have to put monitors out there and it has to rain and we gather the information."

Without the city fast-tracking it, it would take about five-years to complete.