Windsor local to compete in Amazing Race Canada


A Windsor local will take part in season 8 of Amazing Race Canada.

Craig Ramsay will be joined by best friend Catherine Wreford Ledlow from Winnipeg to be a part of the show.

The two had secured their spot on the show in 2020, but filming was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite currently residing in Palm Springs California, Ramsay is working on the construction of a house in Harrow.

Ramsay says he is still closely tied to Windsor- Essex County.

"My husband and I are just finishing up a house build out there in Essex County, so I'll be back and forth and I plan to now be a snowbird. I certainly could use this win to go towards the ever-booming housing market in Windsor and Essex County."

Ramsay says it's exciting to do the show with his friend of almost 25 years.

He says Ledlow has been through many challenges along the way.  

"She had a grapefruit-sized tumour removed from her brain, she had to learn how to talk again, form sentences and she was told she would only have two to five years to live and that she would be highly compromised with her abilities," he continued. "We didn't think Catherine would be here."

Ramsay says the competition this season is tough despite his team's strengths.   

"Every single person in this race is a top-notch competitor. They're athletic and smart, it was shocking how strong the competition is because we rely on our strengths."

Ramsay went to school at Walkerville Collegiate Institute and The Windsor Centre of Creative Arts.

The first episode of The Amazing Race Canada Season 8 airs on Tuesday, July 5.