Windsor Man Charged Again in Connection to Vandalism Against Gay Community


A Windsor man has been charged once again in connection to vandalism against the gay and transgender community.

As heard on AM800 earlier this month, Aaron Bergeron and Ken Grundy's home and vehicles on Tuscarora St. had been damaged several times with the couple believing the PRIDE flag on their porch had made them a target.

The Windsor police Morality Unit began an investigation and, through surveillance footage, was able to identify a male suspect.

As a result, 18-year-old Seth Bertrand of Windsor is facing several charges.

Bertrand is the same suspect charged in relation to vandalism at the Windsor-Essex Transgender and Allied Support office back in February where racial and homophobic slurs were written on the building and a window was broken.

In one of the incidents at the home on Tuscarora St., a female suspect was captured on surveillance video as well.

The Morality Unit is urging anyone with information to contact police or Crime Stoppers.