Windsor Man Offers $10k to I.D Porch Pirate


A Windsor resident is offering a big reward to catch a porch pirate who stole a small package.

Sam Alhaj lives in south Windsor and told CTV Windsor that in late November, a suspect on a bike walked up to his front porch and stole a package — an $10 package of almonds from Amazon.

"My wife came home, seen the package on the front porch," he says.  "She went into the garage, parked her car, she went by the front door, opened the front door, she couldn't see the package — it's gone."

Alhaj is putting up $10,000 to catch the thief and admits it's a lot of money, but he has six children and is worried about strangers on his property.

"I don't like to see anyone on my property," says Alhaj. 

If he had a chance to talk to the suspect, he'd tell him or her to "Get a job."

Windsor police report that so-called 'porch pirates' are not a big problem in the city, but one incident is one too many.    

Sergeant Steve Betteridge is encouraging people to report these types of thefts and if anyone sees anyone suspicious on a neighbour's property to give police a call.

A couple of ways to avoid this type of theft is to have the package delivered to a work address, or have a porch lock box if you do a lot of online shopping.

--With background files from CTV Windsor