Windsor Man to Lead Canada's Biggest Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo


A new job from a Windsor native.

Jeremy Renaud has been named General Manager of the Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo.

The expo is the largest sports card and collectibles show in Canada and happens twice a year in Toronto.

Renaud says he's excited to start his new role and was offered the position last Wednesday.

He says when he first joined the expo, it was just for fun.

"I think through my transferable experience in different aspects of work, I was able to bring that and passion to the table and then I think over time, like anyone else that works hard, just ascended through the ranks and was very honoured to be awarded this position," says Renaud.    

Renaud says he will not have to move with his new position.

"I think one of the beauties now with the day and age that we live in, where historically in the past you would have to live in a community, now with staff and with internet and thank god to Google, we can do a lot of things online, that can work from home, can work from virtually any location," says Renaud.     

He says he is looking to grow the show even more.

"I know a lot of people, collectors, fans even friends are very excited, a lot of us grew up with hockey cards but more importantly a lot of us grew up in sports and a lot of people are excited to see where the future of the show goes," says Renaud.    

Renaud started with the expo in 2016 and has held the positions of assistant to the co-ordinator and assistant general manager.

Renaud is a professor of Sport and Recreation Management at St. Clair College and also works as a Development Officer at Easter Seals.