Windsor Mayor Hires New Chief of Staff


WINDSOR — Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens has a new right-hand man in his office.

Andrew Teliszewsky has joined the mayor's team at Windsor City Hall as the new chief of staff, effective Monday, March 2nd.

He replaces long-time Chief of Staff Norma Coleman who retired at the end of February.

Teliszewsky worked at the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority and has been a chief of staff for provincial cabinet ministers, including the Minister of Energy and Transportation.

Speaking on AM800's the Morning Drive, Dilkens says Teliszewsky recently worked at the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority and is engaged to a Windsor woman.

"He is originally from Hamilton but he spent over a decade working as chief of staff to several provincial cabinet ministers so he's got some great experience and he follows on the heels of Norma Coleman who worked for myself and for Eddie Francis for 16 years," says Dilkens.

Dilkens says it is almost unheard of to have the same person as the chief of staff which is a testamane to Coleman and her abilities.

He says the transition has been in the works for some time.

"Norma and I actually started talking about transition prior to the last election and I said if I get re-elected, what are your plans," says Mayor Dilkens. "So the conversation started prior to the last election and then after I was re-elected, Norma had a series of short-term contracts."

The chief of staff position runs the mayor's office and his staff as well as setting the tone in communication with other departments.