Windsor Mayor Not Surprised the Region is Staying in Phase Two


Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens is not surprised Windsor-Essex is not moving on to stage three of the province's recovery plan.

He says Premier Doug Ford stated before there will be a number of weeks before a region can move from phase two to phase three.

Dilkens says the area still needs the right resources from the province to help with the outbreak in the agri-food sector.

"What I'm really concerned about is making sure the province gets the right resources on the ground here to deal with the migrant farm worker population, the problem amongst the population with the COVID-19 virus so we can actually get to stage three at some point in the near future," says Dilkens.    

He believes the region will get to stage three some point in the near future.

"I get that it's going to be probably a little longer for us to get there which is frustrating but only frustrating because I don't see the action on the ground by way of provincial intervention in the emergency management operation that's going to help deal with the migrant farm worker issue that hopefully once resolved will allow us to move forward," says Dilkens.       

Details in stage three are appropriate, according to Dilkens.

"Basically it's a signal that all the businesses need to get ready and take all the appropriate precautions to make sure they can welcome their staff back in a safe way and their customers and guests and so it won't be long now I think before we're there," says Dilkens. 

The province also announced Hamilton, Toronto, York, Peel, Durham and Niagara will remain in stage two.