Windsor Native Receives University Of Windsor Award


A Windsor native is receiving an award from the University of Windsor for his new book. 

The book is called 'The One Minute Workout' and focuses on research on high-intensity interval training and how to get results with small bursts of exercise. 

Professor & Chair of the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University Martin Gibala is the author of the book. He says research is now showing, shorter more intense workouts may be healthier. 

"Really it is based on research specifically where we have looked at exercise involving as little as three twenty second hard bursts of exercise and showing that it can be really beneficial," says Gibala. "The book is about research we have been doing at McMaster for 15 years or so now."

Gibala says the reason why people do not work out as much as they used too is due to a lack of time. 

"Our biggest problem of course is we just need to get more people moving. We have this sedentary living problem and that is partly because as a society we have engineered physical activity out of our lives," says Gibala. "Even if you only have a couple minutes in a day you can still have a quality workout."

Gibala will be discussing more about his book at the HK Book Award event at the University of Windsor this Friday.