Windsor Parts Supplier Shuts Down Without Notice


Workers at an east-Windsor auto parts supplier found themselves out of a job without notice Friday.

JD Norman Industries on 6845 Hawthorne Dr. closed its doors, according to Unifor Local 195 President Emille Nabbout.

He says the union represents more than 60 people at the facility who had no idea the closure was coming. 

"We get a phone call from some of our members in the facility saying there is security people in the plant telling everybody to leave the building," he says. "It's shocking news for us; the employer hadn't told us there was any type of a problem."

Nabbout say the members are devastated.

"Dedicated to come to work every single day and put in there heart and soul, so it's not a good feeling and it's not good news," added Nabbout.

He says the company won't be allowed to remove parts from the building until the union gets answers.

"We need to ensure that our members get severance," he says. "At this point we're not going to allow anybody to go in our out of the facility until we get some type of agreement from the employer."

Nabbout says the union has reached out to the company's head office in the U.S., but hasn't heard back.

He says administrative staff here in Windsor are in the same boat as his members.

The company primarily supplies parts for GM.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi.