Windsor Police Hire Lawyer to Head Human Resources


There's a new head of Human Resources at the Windsor Police Service.

Bryce Chandler comes from the University of Windsor where he worked in HR.

He's also a member of the Canadian Forces Reserve where he's a Lieutenant Commander in the Judge Advocate General's office.

Chandler is also the first lawyer hired to the Windsor Police service and he'll have a dual role as a result.

"There will be two portfolios," says Chandler. "They're looking at providing some legal services to the WPS.  It really is as you indicated in its infancy so it's something that's in development and we haven't quite fleshed that out but we're working on it.  It's a work in progress and I'm as excited to explore it as I'm sure the Windsor Police Service is."

Chandler tells AM800 News part of his role in HR will be to enhance the diversity within the police service.

"Certainly diversity is something that every police force is interested in and I certainly wouldn't expect the Windsor Police Service is any different than that," notes Chandler. "My position is really in its infancy we're looking at it, I've got a list of priorities that I'm working on and working with the senior management toward."

Chandler believes his background is ideal for this position.

"My experience with the University of Windsor I think really does give me the cornerstone of knowledge with respect to resources, that was an excellent place to work and grow and learn with respect to the human resource part of it.  With respect to the armed forces I think for me that really established this organization as a perfect fit for me personally."

Chandler was introduced to the police services board at December's meeting.