Windsor Police Remind Drivers to Clear Windows After Recent Crash


With winter around the corner, police are reminding drivers to keep windows on their vehicle clear.

Windsor Police Service issued the warning after a recent incident where a pedestrian sufferd minor injuries after being struck by a car.

Sergeant Steve Betteridge says the invesitgation found the driver's view was obstructed by a foggy window and they were charged with careless driving causing bodily harm.

"Take the time and make sure that your windshields have unobstructed views. You want to make sure that you can see everything out there because everyone wants to have the safest roads possible," he says.

Betteridge says it's against the law to hit the road if any part of your veiw is obstructed.

"That whole key concept that we like to express is see and be seen. That goes for drivers, pedestrians, motorcycles, bikes; everything," he added.

He tells AM800 News items hanging from mirrors or stuck to windows should also be removed.

"Anything in your vehicle that could be obstructing your view is something you want to be cautious of. If you have something like that, remove it. You don't want be distracted and you certianly don't want to have that result in a collision, let alone, a collision involving any injury," says Betteridge.

Bettridge says driving with an obstructed view can result in anything from a ticket to serious charges and jail time if someone is hurt.