Windsor Police Seek Public Input For Amherstburg Patrol Cars


Amherstburg residents got a preview of what the town's patrol cars could look like when Windsor Police Services takes over in the New Year, and they got a chance to pick which on they liked best.

Ice Cream with a Cop Day camped out in Amherstburg's Navy Yard Park Saturday afternoon, officers mingled with anyone who wanted to chat.

Inspector Ron LeClair tells AM800 News the cruiser attracted a lot of the attention, it has a concept decaled on both sides and the town is accepting ballots to find out what everyone wants to see.

"One more reflective of what currently exists in Amherstburg and one a little closer to what we have in the city of Windsor" he says. "We're letting the community vote on what they'd prefer."

Contracting policing out was a hot issue in town, but LeClair says there hasn't been a ton of controversy over a car that could incorporate the town's existing soldier line, or could be the same as Windsor's design with the add designation saying "Amherstburg Detachment."

"Some people are in favour of both proposals, so it will be interesting to see the way the vote turns out, it's hard to say at this point but I've had people express opinions on both."

LeClair estimates more than 200 people came through for an ice cream, and to ask questions.

"Obviously here that's a very positive engagement. We have some fridge magnets so people know what numbers to call when we do come out to start policing," he says.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo tells AM800 News votes will be tallied and will help administrators make a decision in the coming weeks.

Council voted in favour of a hotly debated 20-year contract, which is set to come into effect January 1, 2019.