Windsor Police Service has completed majority of OCPC recommendations


Works continues on the 37 recommendations given to the Windsor Police Service just over a year ago.

A review was launched in May 2018 after five complaints were received from members of the service resulting in the Ontario Civilian Police Commission issuing its long list of directives in August of 2020.

Chief Pam Mizuno says the recommendations called for strengthened board oversight, more inclusive and diverse hiring and promotion practices and enhanced internal and external communications — and 26 of 37 have been completed.

She says the remaining issues are being dealt with by external consultants and expected to be completed by April 2022.

"The board, throughout the year, approved hiring consultants to deal with equity, diversity and inclusivity issues, communications and as well as an employee assessment initiatives consultant to review our promotional processes."

Mizuno says more community and staff engagement has been a focus as well.

"We also have started the community consultation committee which is expected to be a resource to obtain community based recommendations for enhanced service delivery and improved relationships with marginalized groups. As well, we've conducted an employee consultation survey which we expect to conduct annually."

She says the OCPC is pleased with the progress.

"The OCPC did state that the service and board are to be commended for their efforts. The investigation compelled the service and the board to look at the way business is being conducted and the initiatives and policies that subsequently emerged are long-term in scope and have the ability to change the culture at the Windsor Police Service."

The OCPC review, which took two years to complete, found "no systemic issues related to the Windsor Police Service and the Windsor Police Service Board."