Windsor provides survey into developing Urban Forest Management Plan


The City of Windsor is developing its first Urban Forest Management Plan and want to hear from the public through a survey.

The UFMP will establish a long-term vision, goals, and targets for the maintenance, protection, and enhancement of trees across the entire city.

The plan will also be based on a detailed review of the current status of urban forestry in Windsor. 

As well as identifying the strengths, gaps, needs, and priorities for urban forest management in our community. 

Speaking on AM800's The Shift with Patty Handysides, Yemi Adeyeye, City Forester and Manager of Forestry and Natural Areas, says the survey gives the public a chance to give feedback on numerous topics.

"We're also very excited at the city office to be able to give this opportunity for the public to give some feedback to what and how they observe the forest trees in the city, the comments they have, they changes they would like to see in the urban forest operation," says Adeyeye.

He says the survery also looks at trees in the city.

"This is in relation to trees on the city right-of-way, and also trees in parks, and also in our natural parkland," he says.  "Everything we need to do to make sure that we can have the city be covered, and to make sure that we're doing this together in partnership with the residents."

The plan will guide the City and its partners in responding to a wide range of challenges facing the urban forest, such as urban development, climate change and extreme weather, invasive species, and many others.