Windsor Public Library hosts Summer Reading Club, free of charge


Windsor Public Library is hosting a reading club this summer, free of charge.

The 2022 Summer Reading Club began on Saturday, July 2 and continues until August 27. 

The program promotes a variety of different activities for area children including traditional story times, Take and Make Kits, video games and 3D printers.

The aim is to inspire children to keep their minds active and visit the library all summer long.  

Manager of Summer Programs at the Windsor Public Library, Adam Craig, says this is a great way to keep kids learning while they are away from school.

"We know there's a lot of research out there that says kids will sometimes struggle coming back to school after the summer break," he continued. "What summer reading does is it tries to keep kids engaged with learning and just being active with your brain."

He says there is something for everyone at the Summer Reading Clubs. 

"We took a lot of lessons that we learned about what people like from the pandemic and put that into our summer reading. We're doing everything from traditional storytimes where you come on in, sit down and we'll read to you to technology programming where you can come in and get a demo of a 3D printer," Craig said.

Craig says technology is more prominent than it's ever been in Windsor libraries, where children can now demo a 3D printer.

"You can pop over to the John Muir Branch in Sandwich Street and get a full demo. We're trying to cover all of our basis, technology is a bigger piece of the puzzle than it use to be for libraries and it's a fun way to keep people engaged."

Children can head to any Windsor Public Library location and pick up a free TD Summer Reading Kit, containing stickers and a colouring book. 

More information on the 2022 Summer Reading Club can be found here.


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