Windsor Public Library laminates 5,300 vaccination certificates in three weeks


Windsor Public Library continues to assist residents with their COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

CEO Kitty Pope says the library launched "The Laminate Your Vaccine Passport Project" three weeks ago and to date roughly 5,300 people have gone to the branches to get their certificate laminated free of charge.

Pope says the library was not expecting this kind of response.

"We started the project quite quietly and we were doing 300, 400, 500 a day and now after three weeks, we're at 5,300 walked into a library and said can you help me," says Pope.      

She says staff members are now helping residents download their QR code.

"In the last couple of days, staff have been helping folks download the QR code so if they want to get it on their phone we'll be glad to show them how to do that as well," says Pope.  "So it's just another way the Windsor Public Library reaches out and is helping the community through this really tough time."       

Pope says the library is happy to laminate the vaccination certificates.

"The fun side of it is, lots of people came in, got their laminated vaccination certificate and then said you know what, I think I need a library card because I'd really like to borrow that book," says Pope.  "So we've got lots of new members and we've helped out the community so it's a win-win."     

The project will continue as long as there is a demand, according to Pope.

She says the initiative has also brought in new members to Windsor Public Library.