Windsor Regional Hospital honoured for organ donation work

Organ donor-operation (CTV News)

The Trillium Gift of Life Network is recognizing Windsor Regional Hospital for saving lives through organ and tissue donation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021-2022, Ontario hospitals supported 302 organ donors and 1,885 tissue donors, including Windsor Regional Hospital which had nine organ donors, which led to 24 organs donated for transplant and 46 tissue donors.

As a result, the hospital will receive the Provincial Conversion Rate Award for reaching a conversion rate of 64 per cent, which exceeded the target of 63 per cent set by Ontario Health. It recognizes work to approach eligible donors and non-donors, and converting non-donors into organ and tissue donors.

This is the sixth time the hospital has received this award and will also receive the Award of Excellence for the third time, an award handed out for exceeding the provincial target for conversion rate for four or more consecutive years.

Nicole Krywionek, Director of Critical Care and Cardiology at Windsor Regional Hospital, says becoming an organ donor is a very personal decision but it's a gift you can pass on.

"As a family member making a decision when you don't know the status or what you're family member would want, it's very difficult for them. I think my message would be that the most important thing is to let your family members know what your wishes are ahead of time, so they can make those decisions easier when faced with the questions at hand," she says.

Krywionek says any potential donors are approached by the Trillium Gift of Life Network after the network is contacted by the hospital.

"They have special training in approaching these obviously sensitive topics. We want to have 100 per cent of our eligible donors essentially reported to the TGLN so that they can approach the families in these very difficult times," she adds.

In addition, the hospital will receive the Provincial Eligible Approach Rate Award for the first time for exceeding the provincial eligible approach rate target of 90 per cent. The hospital achieved a 92 per cent eligible approach rate. 

The award recognizes hospitals for demonstrating leading practices by facilitating a donation discussion between Ontario Health's Trillium Gift of Life Network and eligible patients and or families of patients at end of life.

According to the network, there are currently nearly 1,400 Ontarians waiting for a life-saving organ transplant.

Anyone wanting to become an organ donor can find more information by clicking here.