Windsor Regional Hospital Planning for Long Haul with COVID-19


Windsor Regional Hospital is planning for the long haul when it comes to COVID-19.

President and CEO David Musyj pointed to a spike in COVID-19 cases spike among younger age groups as a major concern at Thursday's board meeting.

With many young people experiencing mild to no symptoms, he says the fear is young people could unknowingly help the virus jump to elderly and the vulnerable with deadly results

Even with the "foot on the gas" when it comes to prevention, Musyj says there's a long road ahead.

"If we're talking about this October 1, 2021, which sounds like we're going to for sure, we have to make some progress safely and we have to start thinking about things moving forward," he says.

Also speaking at Thursday’s board meeting, Chief of Staff Dr. Wassim Saad says the numbers don't lie.

"Between the second wave and the after effects with some of the projections happening to determine whether this thing is die off and go away or continue on a slow burn ... in some way shape or form it's not going to disappear until 2022," added Saad.

Musyj says prevention and planning has kept numbers low in Windsor-Essex and will keep residents safe over a long period of uncertainty.

"Our community fought like hell to get into stage two and stage three and as a result that little fight made us stronger," he added.

Musyj says the Ministry of Health is anticipating 1,000 new cases a day with more than 60 per cent of new cases under the age of 40.