Windsor Regional Hospital Rolls Out New Online COVID-19 Screening Form


Windsor Regional Hospital is looking to speed up the process used to screen visitors for COVID-19.

A new online screening form has been rolled out for those planning to visit during designated visiting hours.

Vice President of Critical Care Karen Riddell says visitors are encouraged to fill out the form before coming to the hospital to help expedite the process.

"There's a quick and easy online visitor screening form that you can complete before you come so that will speed up the line and get you to the bedside of your loved one quicker. So check that out."

Riddell says it'll give you more time to do what you came for.

"The time that people have with their family members is very valuable and this is one way that you can speed up the process when you're coming to the hospital."

Since the pandemic began in March, every patient, visitor and staff member have been screened before entering the hospital to limit potential spread of COVID-19.

The new online screening form can be found at