Windsor Regional Hospital to Maintain Visitor Restrictions


Visitor restrictions will not be changing for the time being at Windsor Regional Hospital.

President and CEO David Musyj says they plan to maintain the status quo when it comes to the current visitor policy which allows two visitors, one a day at certain time periods.

Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is temporarily suspending its Registered Visitor Program due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the community.

Musyj told AM800's The Morning Drive that visitors are very important to patients and that they fully recognize that the patients do need visitors.

He says that if they make a decision now, that decision could be in place until the spring.

"With visitation, we're going to try to hold on as long as we can," says Musyj. " We'll see as community cases and hospital cases ramp up."

He says they have an ethical framework along with a risk analysis to make decisions on issues like visitation.

"Is the risk just too big? Do we have too much COVID in the community and in the hospital that bringing visitors in just exponentially increases the risk? Not only for our patient and staff in the facility, but also for the visitor themselves going back into the community," Musyj adds.

The current visitor policy at Windsor Regional Hospital allows patients to have one visitor during specified times but they cannot attend all three times throughout the day.

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