Windsor Regional Hospital Unveils COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for Staff


Windsor Regional Hospital has announced a new COVID-19 vaccination policy for all staff.

According to a memo sent to staff on Tuesday, anyone who works or volunteers at the hospital has until September 7 to disclose their vaccination status.

Staff who are not vaccinated or refuse to disclose their status will face mandatory COVID-19 testing twice a week and must share the results with the hospital.

The staff members will be required to be asymptomatic and have completed a negative test prior to entering the worksite.

The memo states "Staff who test positive on the rapid test must contact Employee Health and arrange for a confirmatory diagnostic PCR test at an Assessment Centre. They will need to self-isolate at home pending the result of the confirmatory test."

Those who fail to follow the new mandate could lose hospital privileges or even their jobs.

Anyone who can't be vaccinated for medical reasons must submit documents to prove it.

The memo goes on to say "We are proud to say that this policy change will mean no difference to the vast majority – close to 90% of our staff who are already vaccinated. Again, we strongly encourage those of you who not yet become fully vaccinated to do so."

Hospital officials are holding a virtual townhall for staff members on Thursday to discuss the policy and answer any additional questions.

- with files from AM800's Rusty Thomson & Rob Hindi