Windsor Regional Hospital Waits on Funding to Erase $4M Deficit


Windsor Regional Hospital is waiting on provincial funding to erase a $4-million deficit.

A financial report discussed at Thursday night's board meeting showed COVID-19 expenses for equipment, staffing and facilities account for the lion's share of that number.

Hospital President and CEO David Musyj isn't worried.

He says the province told area hospitals to do what needed to be done and they'll cover the cost.

Musyj is confident the Ontario government will come through.

"There are certain parameters we were told to track and we've done that," he says. "They [the province] have that [information] and they're doing a great job and they will address it," he says.

Musyj says the province has followed through with its commitments since the pandemic began.

"They're making sure issues are being dealt with and we have great responsiveness with respect to dealing with them on any issue," he added.

Musyj says what things cost has taken a back seat  to keeping the community safe since the pandemic began.

"That's why our team at the start was able to be so prepared for this with respect to the first wave and now going into the second wave," he says. "We said, 'we've got to get it done ... if we need it, get it done.'"

Lost revenue from closed facilities like cafeterias and gift shops and parking fees were also credited with hurting the bottom line.