Windsor Regional Put on Notice of Libel by CAMPP


Windsor Regional Hospital is on notice on an allegation of libel.

The lawyer for Citizens for an Accountable Megahospital Planning Process says a statement the hospital issued Tuesday is the reason.

Eric Gillespie says it concerns the motion raised at the start of the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal over the zoning for the proposed hospital.

Gillespie had asked the Adjudicator to recuse himself over a suggestion of breach of privilege on Tuesday.

The adjudicator, Scott Tousaw, reviewed the arguments and dismissed the motion early in the afternoon.

Gillespie says the hospital posted a statement on its website Tuesday characterizing the motion as a "delaying tactic" and has not removed it.

He says that statement is troubling.

"This raises real concerns for CAMPP" says Gillespie.  "But it also raises real concerns for both myself and my co-counsel Mr. Flett, as lawyers.  Because we appear in front of this tribunal and it would be improper to use tactics of delay and it would be improper to try to undermine the integrity of the tribunal."


Screen shot of the statement issued by Windsor Regional Hospital on its website, October 8, 2019 (via WRH website)

Gillespie says the statement posted by the hospital does not indicate the recusal motion was dismissed without mention of it being a delay.

"The press release, with all due respect, completely ignores that" explains Gillespie.  "It doesn't identify the fact that those arguments do not appear to have been accepted and are not mentioned anywhere in the decision."

He points out this is a hearing over a matter of public interest and he finds the tone of the hospital statement disturbing.

"We do not understand why these attacks continue, especially when in our view they've become libellous" says Gillespie.  "And it is time for this to stop and we will take the necessary legal steps but we hope we won't have to."

Gillespie says the appropriate thing for the hospital to do is remove the statement from their website and issue an apology.

AM800 reached out to Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj who says the hospital has no response at this time.