Windsor Restaurant Owner Speaks Out


The frustration level is rising for a Windsor restaurant owner.

Nick Pontikis owns Thanasi's Olympus Greek Restaurant on Tecumseh Road East near Hall Avenue.

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, Pontikis believes the latest lockdown measures will be the final straw for a number of restaurants.

He says his restaurant has been following all restrictions and safety measures and another four week lockdown will be devastating.

Pontikis says the shutdowns are taking a toll of his staff.

"It is so unfair to keep laying them off, hire them back only to hope they come back once we reopen," says Pontikis.  "I've lost about half of my staff, they moved on, they've gone elsewhere."

He says his restaurant has two large dining rooms and a banquet hall.

"My banquet business is pretty well shut, completely shutdown my banquet room because of the size requirements as far as crowds," he says.  "My takeout is only about 15 to 20 per cent of my business."  

Pontikis says the restaurant just spent money on advertising for the reopening which is now money down the drain.