Windsor Retirement Home Having A Little Fun


Residents at a Windsor retirement home are having a little fun.

The residents at Kensington Retirement Residence in south Windsor have created a video showing off their daily lives in the home.

Retirement counsellor Samantha Yerkie says the video was filmed at the end of September.

She says the residents had a lot of fun making the video.

"A lot of people haven't heard of Kensington because it's sort of tucked away but our seniors are very proud of where they live and they have a really great time," says Yerkie.  "I think they give retirement living a new name so we just wanted to do something to show the community how much fun they're having."

Yerkie says some family members haven't been able to visit their loved ones at the home and they're thrilled with the video.

"A lot of them have family overseas or out of town, they don't get to see their life on a day to day basis," says Yerkie.  "So we kind of took a different approach and did a day in the life type of video.  The things that you're seeing in the video are things that do happen on the daily here, like the woman on the exercise bike, is on the exercise bike daily in her nice clothing, her nice skirt and blazer."           

She says when the video was proposed, the residents were on board immediately.

"They love living here and they love showcasing how much fun they have and how young they are at heart," says Yerkie.   

The retirement home is located on Cabana Rd near Rankin.