Windsor's City Engineer retires after 30 years


The City of Windsor's city engineer has officially retired.

Mark Winterton worked his last day Friday after over 30 years with the city.

During his three decades with the city, he's played a part in overseeing hundreds of projects that have shaped Windsor's landscape.

Some of the transformational projects he was involved with include the Dougall Ave/CN Rail Pedestrian Underpass project, the Windsor waterfront project and the East Riverside project which now includes developments and storm water management systems.

Winterton says he's really proud he was able to finish the Dougall Ave/CN Rail Pedestrian Underpass project which includes a new bike path.

"That took over 100 years to get it approved and get it done. The reason it hadn't been done in 100 years because it was hard and we were able to do it. That was a pretty good achievement."

He says you don't get into this job for public recognition.

"Being an engineer, I can't think of a better place to work, because we like to build things us engineer types. I can't think of a better place to do that."

While he plans to travel and golf more, Winterton will stay busy as he still serves on a number of boards and plans to help his wife with her business.

Chris Nepsy will be replacing Winterton as Windsor's new City Engineer.