Windsor's Homeless Take to Living in Vehicles


Windsor's homeless are finding different ways of getting off the streets — by living in their cars.

Given the skyrocketing rental rates and lack of affordable housing, some people are living in their cars and parking in different areas of the city.

There is a wait list of more than 5,000 people for affordable housing in Windsor and a count in June 2018 on the number of people living on the streets on any given day, found 197 people were homeless.

"I've been living in my vehicle for the last three years to be honest with ya and I wish there was more affordable housing," said this man who called AM800's the Morning Drive.

Although he has a job, he says it isn't enough to find a place.

"When the government raised the minimum wage to $14/hour, that was all fine and dandy but the price of everything else went up and it gets to a point you can't afford it," he says.

He says he usually goes to the Walmart parking lot because 'they don't bug anybody' and uses the showers at the YMCA. 

Any money he earns goes to his car, gas and a cell phone.

"I have a job to get me by but that doesn't still help," he says. "I would love to get a place, I don't have enough to get a place."

In the winter, he says he uses warm blankets to keep me warm along with three sleeping bags.

Although he says he has reached out for help,  he can't seem to find the 'right help.'