Windsor's Mayor Interested in Tiny Homes


Windsor's mayor is interested in bringing tiny houses to the city but admits there are some challenges.

Speaking on the Morning Drive, Mayor Drew Dilkens says earlier this year, he asked administration about the issue and was told tiny homes are not allowed in Ontario due to the province's building code act.

He says if the city is interested, tiny homes would have to be on wheels and the city would have to re-zone land as a trailer park.

"I approached our Chief Building Officer probably at the beginning of 2019 to have a conversation about this and I was left with the distinct impression that it's really not allowed in the province of Ontario because of our building code act and that there are certain requirements for the construction of a residential dwelling that can't be satisfied with a tiny home," says Dilkens.   

He says in many places such as Florida, there are mobile homes where the wheels are covered up and in his opinion, can look nice. "They create nice communities and nice neighbourhoods there," says Dilkens. "But it's not as easy as just turning on the TV and seeing the construction of these tiny homes and say hey let's do that in Windsor." 

As heard on AM800 news Tuesday morning, Amherstburg council is looking into tiny homes after students from Stella Maris Catholic Elementary School approached council in an effort to tackle the affordable housing backlog while cutting back on energy use, in turn, helping the environment.

Council agreed to move forward on developing a bylaw to allow tiny homes in the town.

Tiny homes — typically less than 500-square-feet — resemble a cabin or cottage, but include all the amenities of a larger home in a smaller space and at a fraction of the cost.

Communities have been popping up in several Canadian cities including Hamilton and Kingston with some using them as a way to provide housing for the homeless.