Windsor's Mayor to Host Community Conversations This Month


Windsor's mayor is going to be hosting three online community conversations this month to let people ask any questions they want.

Each session will open with a presentation from the mayor, who then plans to open it up to anyone taking part to ask any question they want.

Dilkens told AM800's The Morning Drive he misses not being able to connect with people the same way as he did before the pandemic.

"We get dozens of e-mails a day and phone calls," he says. Yesterday I walked in and there were 32 messages that were left just over night when we walked in the office. We get a lot of messages and communication from folks, but we want to be able have an interactive session with residents.

The interactive online conversations will take place over Zoom on the next three Wednesdays, June 9, 16 and 23.

"This is really to hear from residents and provide some information, he adds. "Nothing is off-limits, whatever you want to talk about, let's have a conversation. Let's just try and figure out how to make the city better."

Space is limited during the online conversations and Dilkens asks that you pre-register if you want to take part. You can do so on the mayors website and if they're not able to take part, they can watch the conversation on the mayors Facebook page or the mayors YouTube channel.