Windsor Seeks Artists For Public Art Installation Downtown


Calling all artists.

The City of Windsor is looking for artists to create a public art piece in downtown Windsor. It wants a new creation on the two facades of the transformer casing in the parking lot of 401 Riverside Dr. between the Aquatic Centre and Chimczuk museum.

There is a short wall and a longer wall.  The artwork must focus on the city's 125th birthday celebration.

Manager of Cultural Affairs Cathy Masterson says the city is open to any ideas.

"Absolutely anything and everything," says Masterson.  "So we are purposely quite vague in our requests so we are looking for someone who will create somethig that will be integrated into the two sides of the transformer casing. It is a nice location right across from the bus transit, lots of people are going ot see it and we want it to reflect what Windsor is."

There is a $22,000 budget for the art pieces.

People are asked to submit their ideas by April 21 at 3pm on the city's website. The art pieces are expected to be completed by June 23, 2017.