Windsor Senior in COVID-19 Field Hospital for 48 Days Returns Home


The daughter of a Windsor senior who had COVID-19 for 53 days is thanking the staff at Windsor Regional Hospital's field hospital.

89-year-old Joseph Hiel was a resident at the Heron Terrace long-term care home when he was diagnosed with COVID-19 on April 14, although he didn't have any symptoms.

His family decide to transfer him to the field hospital at St. Clair College to protect other residents and staff.

Hiel was swabbed multiple times in the hospital and after 48 days in the field hospital, he finally tested negative for the virus.

On Monday, he left the field hospital with a salute from hospital staff and was allowed to return home to Heron Terrace.

His daughter, June LoRe says her life flipped upside down on April 14 when her father tested positive.

"We thought it was the end when we got the phone call that the test was positive. Every day, every morning when there was a phone call from an unknown number, we knew it was a doctor calling and we didn't know what to expect at times and it was 53 days of living on egg shells," she says.

Due to visitor restrictions, LoRe wasn't able to visit her father in the hospital which she describes as heart-breaking, especially when his health was worsening.

LoRe says she can't thank the staff enough.

"The staff and Dr. Chevalier at the field hospital, they were just amazing.  Dr. Chavelier called us every day whether there was something to report or not," she says. "I think she called to check up on us as well."

LoRe says she was able to see her father, with physical distancing, when he left the field hospital.

"The girls were in the background, the nurses were in the background, the pharmacy technicians were there, they were as happy for him and for us as I was.  Maybe even more because for them it was an accomplishment. All this hard work has paid off for them," she says.

Heron Terrace at 11550 McNorton St. in Windsor had been on outbreak, which was rescinded this past weekend, which allowed residents who had recovered to return home.

LoRe wants people to take COVID-19 seriously and just because the economy is reopening, she says people still need to take the necessary precautions when outside and wear a mask.